I've had Multiple Sclerosis for 26 years and recently was experiencing an episode of such severe back pain from my poor gait.
My best friend, Carole, took me to her wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Kalodish. Previously my pain had been so horrible that I was loosing many hours of sleep each night as symptoms would increase in the evenings due to MS disease. However, after only four visits I was nearly pain free and have been feeling nearly euphoric from being able to sleep. My walking and strength have even improved from the therapy which, to me, is nothing short of miraculous.
All this has been done by Dr. Bryan's Hydro Massage bed of relaxing acupressure therapy and heated water, his Laser therapy treatments and deep tissue massage, adjustments. Each visit is about one hour.
No drugs or anything abnormal, just cutting-edge treatments by an expert and staff. I feel better than I have in years. His entire staff and offices are comfortable and friendly. I would highly recommend him and I have to many already with my condition as an adjunct to care.
by Barbara A. C. Naples

They always take that extra step to make me feel special. I always enjoy my appointments here. I didn't wait long at all. My appointment started on time, and the wait was much shorter than other offices I have been to. Just as a side note, I like the way they run their office, the staff is wonderful. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. My lowback has improved. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. No more pain down my hands and feet. Neuropathy is under control and I am back to normal activities with no pain. The laser is amazing. I drive from 25 miles to get there and its worth it. My husband is happy I can now do my cooking with No more pain. I prepare the meals we enjoy.
by Trisha S.
November 01, 2013

They have a very good professional reputation. I know that I'm getting very good care. They always return my phone calls pretty quickly, at least within the same day. I always know that I'll hear from them. I appreciate that I can count on them to work with me until they find a solution for my situation. Other places I've visited, seem to give up after they don't have an answer for me the first time, but not here. They have completely eliminated my need for pain medication and enhanced my overall well-being. I feel better than ever. I would definitely refer anyone to come here. I absolutely love this place.
by Ileana Flores
June 03, 2014

Leah Palmieri
Dr. Bryan Kalodish is more than just a chiropractor, he is a miracle worker! You only get 1 spine and I wouldn't trust mine in the hands of anybody else. I have been to a couple local chiropractors and had left in more pain than what I came in with so he is a true find. If you or anyone is in any type of back pain, you must stop by his office.

Every time I come here they always remember me by name and greet me as soon as I walk in the door, even if it's been months since my last appointment. They are so thoughtful and amazingly sweet, I just love this place. They didn't pressure me to buy anything I didn't need, which I really appreciated. They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen. The office is always clean and the office visit fees were fair.
Putting their customers first is definitely a priority here and it shows.
It was so easy to find, I didn't have any trouble at all. I didn't have to wait at all after I arrived for my appointment. They were running right on time and i love that hydrobed therapy unit which was included in my visit as well as the other therapies. I listened to relaxation spa like music and saw a video whiched helped in my stress reduction during the hydrobed session. SO cool.
by Michael B.

Dr. Kalodish is the best chiropractor I have ever consulted. I have referred friends to him, and they too have found relief, and they have referred others to him as well. As compared to the dozens of other chiropractor's I've consulted over the decades, Dr. Kalodish has mastered and employs more and varied treatment modalities for addressing pain and injuries. These have proved the difference in resolving my back and knee pain.

With Dr. Kalodish, I feel I get the benefit of a chiropractor and physical therapist rolled into one, and have relied upon him for post surgery rehabilitation with great effect.

The office setting is efficient, and I am seen to quickly. Dr. Kalodish spends considerable time with me, and therapy sessions can last up to an hour if that is what one's condition requires.
by Peter W

Dr. Bryan has helped with his great knowledge of what needs "tweaking" in my body, and has greatly improved a problem I have with a pinched nerve in my neck. The relief I feel after a visit to his office is amazing, and it always feels like he presses a "reset button" to bring my stress level down to zero.

I am a business-owner, and I appreciate the individual attention and professionalism I receive every time from Dr. Bryan and his assistant Angela. The atmosphere is very friendly, relaxing, and comfortable. They are very patient to help with any questions I have. Their hours and availability is very flexible, unlike most of the doctor's offices I currently visit.

I highly recommend Dr. Bryan to anyone that is seeking a treatment plan to make you feel your best.
by Jon Z.